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Merry Christmas from Bulgaria!

We invite you to join us on a short journey to explore some of the exciting sights, sounds and smells that accompany a Bulgarian Christmas. Our journey begins as we enter a Bulgarian home on December 24 and find the … Continue reading

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praying for the Muslims of Bulgaria

Praying for the salvation of all the people of Bulgaria includes praying for nearly one million Muslims. But how do you and I do that? Here are some helpful insights, adapted from the 30-Days Prayer Network: Pray for Bulgaria’s Muslims … Continue reading

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white-painted bride honors Bulgarian Muslim rite | reuters

Weddings are a significant life-stage transition that many people from all cultures participate in. They also provide insights into specific cultures, which can lead to further inquiry and prayer. So read, learn, reflect and pray through this Reuters article about … Continue reading

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people of bulgaria

Ethnic Bulgarians account for almost 85% of the people of Bulgaria. They trace their history to the late 7th century, when the Bulgars, a central Asian Turkic people, and the Slavs, a central European people, merged to form the First … Continue reading

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