Families and Households

Jesus established the importance of building relationships with entire households in Luke 10:5. However, it is not until the book of Acts that we clearly see the powerful results of doing this:

  • Cornelius and his household are saved (Acts 10, 11:1-18)
  • Lydia and her household are saved (Acts 16:11-15)
  • The Philippian jailer and his household are saved (Acts 16:22-34)
  • Crispus and his household are saved (Acts 18:1-8)

Jesus did not send his disciples out to bring individuals into the Kingdom of God; Jesus sent them out to announce the coming of the Kingdom of God to families. That is why getting to know the family of the person of peace and their close friends is the third major step in the CPM process.

(See questions for discussion in this post.)


The March-April 2012 issue of Mission Frontiers highlights the importance of reaching whole families in the following articles:

God’s Plan Is to Reach Families (by Rick Wood):  As you read through these articles, prepare yourself for a paradigm shift in your thinking about what it means to do missions. Evangelicals from the West are so accustomed to thinking about reaching people with the gospel as distinct individuals—one at a time … But have we missed God’s prime strategy for world evangelization with this exclusive focus on individuals? Read The Full Article

As for Me and My House: The Family in the Purposes of God (by T. and B. Lewis):  In Islamabad recently, a university lecturer spoke on the factors that make a country or culture prone to progress or poverty. He said “I am not here to tell you how to succeed, because it is not important that you succeed by yourself… Read The Full Article

Multigenerational Family Communities (by Dick Scoggins): “Houston, we have a problem…” That phrase came to mind when I was teaching a European group of young adults in Amsterdam in 2002 on planting house churches… Read The Full Article

Evangelizing Whole Families: The Value of Families in the 21st Century (by Alex G. Smith): Trends Renewing Emphasis on Family in the Twenty-First Century… Read The Full Article

One Man With a Passion to Reach His Family Transforms a People (by Donald McGavran): This story is excerpted from the book, The Founders of the Indian Church by Dr. Donald McGavran. Published in 1937, the true story presented here illustrates the power of staying within the community of your birth to reach your family… Read The Full Article

The Essential Role of the Family in World Evangelization (by Rob Rienow): These are exciting times for followers of Jesus Christ! The Holy Spirit is moving all over the world bringing people to repentance and faith in our risen and reigning Savior … But for faith to remain in a land it must be driven not only by Bible-driven churches but also through the multi-generational ministry of the Christian family… Read The Full Article

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