Virtual Prayer Walks

Virtual Prayer Walk of Sofia

Download high-quality pdf file here!

3 Responses to Virtual Prayer Walks

  1. Mike Kern says:

    Thank you so much for this virtual prayer walk. Our team just finished 38 days of praying through the topics you have selected and we’re spending the next 37 praying for specific needs, churches, and people that we know in BG. We will be leaving for a 16 day trip at the end of June and look forward to seeing what God is going to do!

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  3. Jerry says:

    I haven’t gone through this Virtual Prayer Walk in a few years. Today I did and am quickened in my spirit to seriously pray for Bulgaria. My greatest prayer is that Holy Spirit would raise up more intercessors like those that created this blog. Let us believe that Bulgaria will be a sheep nation at the time of judgment. Let us not be sitting patiently waiting for our Redeemer, but redeem the culture around us with the power and dominion promised us by the Redeemer.

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